Facebook is one of the best social networking site used nowadays for chatting & interacting with friends and family online.It also allows us to make new friends,who are not known to us or are from any foreign country. Before coming on to the point,

How to Block a Person on Facebook , who already blocked you?

You should know,What is the meaning of Blocking on Facebook or What Does Blocking Someone on Facebook Do?. Blocking on Facebook means to prevent interactions with someone on Facebook. Blocked people won’t be able to find you in searches,they won’t be able to see things you post on your profile,tags you make on your pictures.In addition,Blocking on Facebook will prevent them to see comments you made,they won’t be able to add you or invite you to any group or event.Pictures you upload will also be not visible to them.Even if they search you by your name then your profile will not appear in their search..At last the most important, they won’t be able to send you friend requests and also messages.

You might be thinking “If i block someone on Facebook will they know ?”.Let me make it clear that Blocking someone on Facebook is confidential, that means if you block someone on Facebook,they will not be notified if he or she has been blocked.However, Blocked people may not that you aren’t in their friend list or are unable to see you in searches they make and then realize they have been blocked by you. So, now you might be thinking How to block on Facebook ?. So,You can follow below given tutorial for blocking friends on Facebook or anyone else who has already blocked you :-


Follow below steps:-

  • Login To Your Facebook Account and open Account settings or click here.
  • Click on Blocking Section from left sidebar and then go to Block User.
  • Click on the add name or email box.

Block Someone on Facebook

  • Type the person name in the block users box,who has already blocked you and click block button or press enter. For example, i entered “vaibhav”
  • Now a popup will appear, find the person who has blocked you there.
  • After searching, click on block button and the person will be blocked.
Block a Person on Facebook
#All done now.. Hope this helped you.Now,You have successfully learned How to Block a Person on Facebook who has already blocked You.


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