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Free VPN Apps for Android

Top 5 Best Free Android VPN Apps

"In Short: Top 5 Best Free VPN Apps for Android" VPN or Virtual Private Network is the number of computers connected by a network. However, VPN...
Enable Whatsapp Video Calling Feature

How to Enable Video Calling in Whatsapp ?

"In Short: How to Activate/Enable Video Calling Feature in Whatsapp Messenger ?" Whatsapp Messenger is nothing new for all of you. Whatsapp is most popular...
Remove Mobile Number From True Caller

How to Unlist or Remove Mobile Number from Truecaller ?

"In Short: How to Unlist or Remove Phone Number From TrueCaller ?" Over the past few years, Truecaller app emerged as a big helping hand in...
Remove Pre-Installed Android Apps without Rooting

Remove Preinstalled Android Apps without Rooting

"In Short : How to remove Preinstalled Android Apps Without Rooting/Remove stock apps/ Disable System Apps/Remove bloatwares"Almost all Smartphones these days are powered by Android OS....

How to Root Any Android Phone without PC ? – 2016

"In Short : How to root Android without PC or Method to Root Any Android Phone Without PC " As we all know,Android OS is most...
Highest Paying Best Free Recharge apps for Android

5 Best Highest Paying Free Recharge Apps for Android -2016

 "In Short :- Top 5 Highest Paying Best Free Recharge Apps for Android Phone" Android Operating System is one of the most popular Mobile Operating...

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