Nowadays, computers are widely used all over the world at many places such as in banks,schools etc. and data sharing or data transferring is another important function or term related to computers for transferring data between two computers almost we all use CD or DVD,earlier before them Floppy disks were in trend for transferring data. But these days, Pendrives or Memory Stick or Cards are commonly used for transferring files between computers. As Pendrives are capable of storing a large amount of data and keeps it safe.

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Generally, if you have good configured Computer then it will transfer data between 1Mbps to 11Mbps speed but if you have bit outdated system system’s processing speed is slow then it will transfer data in Kbps. Especially, though there is Windows 10 File Copy Utility but Copying Files in Windows 10 gets very slow due to preinstalled bloatwares which makes your Windows 10 PC slow. In that case one can use fast copying software like teracopy or super copier etc. but just like them there are also some spyware and other malicious programs in shape of fast copying software‘s which steals our data and sometimes even floods our system with viruses and unwanted programs.

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So, You will obviously try to remain on safe side and will try to find out ” How to speed up file transfer without any fast copying software?, “How to transfer files faster ” on web or is it possible to copy files faster without using fast copying software ?.So today in this article, I’ll be showing you how to speed up file transfer in your pc and copy files faster without any fast copying software. To learn how to speed up file transfer and copy files faster without any fast copying software, just follow given below steps :-.

To copy files faster without any fast copying software –


Insert your Pen-Drive/CD/DVD/Memory Card and Right click on it and choose properties. In my case I’ve plugged in my HP Pen-Drive.



Click on hardware button then choose your drive and click on properties.

fast copying software


After that a dialog box will appear,have to click on “change settings “.

how to speed up file transfer


You will see a new dialog box, Now select policies tab and choose better performance. & Click OK.


Now Restart Your PC and check out the amazing results.

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That’s all, you have successfully learnt  how to speed up file transfer or how to copy files faster without any fast copying software. I hope it will help you.

Incase, if you have any type of doubt or queries related to this article. Please Leave your valuable comments below and Stay tuned for latest tech news, tips and tricks etc.


  1. Great job on this article Mr. Yogesh! Although i would suggest that if ever you will write another article, you could provide readers with other alternative softwares that they can use in transferring files. I’ll give you the one that I personally use and it works very effectively – GS RichCopy 360. You can give it a try and write an article or review about it. Thanks for this informative article, and I hope my suggestion helps. Thanks!


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