Create Fake Government ID Proof to Unlock Facebook Account

Fake id proof generator :- As we know Facebook is pretty much concerned about the safety and security of their users. For that Facebook has drawn some rules and regulations. Facebook asks users to use their Real Name and Real Birthday to prevent fraud and any kind of scam. This way you can know about the person whom you are interacting with. When Facebook finds accounts having Fake Name, Fake Birthday, and other fake information, it just locks such as accounts or asks the owner to verify account in order to use.

fake id for facebook verificationMobile Number Verification, Email Verification and Photo Tag Verification are the common methods facebook uses to verify facebook account. Easiest of them is Mobile Verification and in most cases you can verify your facebook account by using Mobile Number. But, If Mobile Number Verification isn’t allowed or available for your account. Then Facebook may ask you to provide your scanned Govt ID Proof to Unlock Facebook Account. This could be your Driving License, Aadhar Card or any Govt. Issued ID. But What if you are unable to provide Govt. ID ?

Create Fake Govt. ID Proof

There are two ways, First you simply Open Another Facebook Account and re-add your all friends from beginning. This could be tough. Another way is just use Fake Id to resolve this issue. So, In this article, I’m going to show you How to Create Fake Govt ID Proof to Unlock locked Facebook Account. It is very simple you have to use fake id proof generator , to know in detail Just Follow below steps:-

Create Fake Government ID Proof – Fake ID Generator

#1. Download & Install Fake ID Generator App From Google Play Store. Create Fake Govt. ID Proof online for free

#2. Then Fill Your Date Of Birth (DOB) and Choose Your Country.

#3. Upload Your Picture. Picture should be looking formal and should be straight without any editing just like our pictures in Govt. Proofs.

#4. Click Generate. That’s it you have successfully created Fake Govt. ID Proof for Facebook.

#5. Now Go to Your Facebook Account And Upload It. Wait for 1-2 days until facebook checks and processes it.

” Note:- Fill the Same Details in Fake ID Generator as are on Facebook Account. “

Disclaimer :- This trick is only for educational purposes. If adopted in any unfair way,  We shall not be responsible.

So, that’s it You have successfully learned How to Create Fake Govt ID Proof to Unlock Facebook Account. Thanks for Reading. Hope you liked it. Just use fake id proof generator and you are ready to go. If you like this post then share on your social networking sites using below buttons & comment below if facing any issue.



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