In Short :-  **Scam Alert ** About Earn Money – Hey Guys, As you know Internet is place where one can get a number of services and facilities for free. You might be knowing that there are a number of ways to earn money online from internet .We can earn money, By selling your books, by completing tasks for others, Earn By Affiliate marketing (Referring others), etc. So, in this article I’m going to tell you about One of the Fake  Affiliate marketing site that is which promised it’s investors to pay 3 times the investment and ran away looting crores of money. review

What is ?

Digideal2u was a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company which used to provide a variety of services. It helps businessmen and companies in Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization etc. According to claiming’s,  Digideal2u Enterprises was running almost in 5 countries since 1998.

Our View :-

This is a company situated in andheri lokhandwalla telling people u invest in company called DigiDeal2u and in return the company will give 60%returns guaranteed every month.The MD of company Mr P D SHAH says the mother company is us based and his company is functioning at all India level.this company is fraud and poor investors are investing their hardened money into it.the company is situated in crystal plaza at andheri.

Latest Update :- 

Company’s website shut of  on 27th of August.

**Till date company’s Phone Numbers,  MD’s phone everything is off including website.

**Many of the Investors who got cheated lodged complaints against Company’s M.d PD Shah.

 So,  this was the eye opening truth about Digideal company. According to my point of veiw,  Company has fled away and won’t return back. Beware of such sites. And All i have to say is that Please invest your hard earned money in such companies only when you can afford to loose money.

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  1. Please do a survey on this website.
    It has the Android application itself to do affiliate work.
    Search on Google play “Mazuma affiliate marketing”
    I have already invested $6,000 in the company.
    Its giving income since 12 months,but only this September month it hasn’t given any withdrawal but promising to start new payment process after 1st Oct 2016.
    Please do your research and reply. :)Thx in advance

  2. Dear Digideal2U user aap sabhi ke liye ek suchna digideal2u website me kisi takniki kharabi ke wajah se kuch dino ke liye band kiya gya tha lekin ab wo 10-12 dino ke andar ane wali hai. Aap sabhi log apna kaam punah suru kar sakte hai. website me bhi kuch parivartan kiya gya hai.


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