“In Short: A Trick to Convert 2GB Memory Card to 4GB and increase SD card Capacity”

Storing data in safe and easy way is one of the biggest concern these days. Data Storage means storing our pictures, videos, and other documents in electronic form on our computer system or any other device. Floppy Disk, CD/DVD’s are the oldest storage mediums which were very popular among computer users at a time. But modern form of data storage devices or mediums includes Hard Disks, Pen-Drives, and Memory Cards or SD Cards. Memory cards are smallest in shape among all those data storage devices but are capable of storing huge amount of Data.

Memory cards or SD Cards are in trend and are mostly used in portable electronic devices such as Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Tablets, MP3 Players, Laptops, game consoles etc. They can store our data in a safer way, We can even protect our data on memory cards by applying password. Memory Cards are of many types based on their capacity and commonly available memory cards are of 2GB 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and even some companies are providing 128GB memory card. But if you have old 1GB or 2GB Memory Card,then you might have searched to increase memory card capacity.

You will be glad to know that You can increase memory card storage capacity of your 1GB or 2GB Memory card.If you are thinking How to expand memory card space ?. Then I’ll help you as In this article I’ll be showing you How to expand your memory card space and Convert 2GB Memory Card to 4GB ?. Just follow given below steps to convert 2GB Memory Card to 4GB :-

How to Convert 1GB/2GB Memory Card or SD Card to 4GB ?

#1. First of All, I’ll suggest you to Take Backup of your Memory Card by copying it’s data to PC.

#2. Then, Download Increase Internal Space Of Memory Card Toolkit – Download

#3. After Downloading file from above link, You’ll see Drive Increaser.rar file , Extract it using Winrar or Winzip or any other extraction tool.convert 2gb memory card to 4gb

#4. After Extracting Drive Increase file.You’ll find 4 files inside Drive Increaser Folder.increase memory card capacity

#5. Now, Connect your Memory Card to PC and Run Drive Increaser 2.bat file as shown on above picture. A Script Window will appear.increase internal sd card capacity#6. Now, Enter your Drive Name and Click Enter. After that Enter Drive Letter .In my case i entered SAMA, You can see drive name and Letter by going to My Computer.expand memory card capacity#7. Now wait for few minutes until the process completes. It may take upto 2-10 minutes depending on your Computer speed.

#8. Once the process is completed, If you see 4GB storage then you are having good luck and if storage is not increased then you are having bad luck. You can try later in that case.

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