You can’t deny the fact that sometimes when we convert any video file or convert any audio file desired format is a task to be bothered about. We just go to web & start searching for any video converter or any audio converter there are many free video converter software for windows 7,8,10,few of them do their jobs efficiently while others don’t .But,the worst part related to this is that we had to waste much internet bandwidth while downloading & installing these software’s.

Some of the software packages contains additional spyware or adware and sometimes puts our computer to risk.These spyware or adware are mostly programs or extensions that get automatically installed in your browser and will change default search engine or homepage and browser settings to display Advertisement and will make your browser and internet slow.They consumes space as well as eats up Random Access Memory. Thus, result in slowing down your PC.

So, In this article, I’ll be showing How to convert any video file into any audio file format ? and without even downloading any video converter or any other tool or software.This trick is very simple and your system will be safe from unwanted programs as you don’t have to download any video converter to convert any video file or any audio file. We all are very familiar with one of the most used Media Player i.e. VLC Media Player. You will be amazed to know that you can convert any audio file or any video file to any Format using VLC Media Player,which is mostly used by us nowadays to play Videos or any kind of Multimedia file on PC.

You can convert any video file or any audio file into different playback formats,& in this tutorial you will learn “HOW TO CONVERT ANY AUDIO FILE OR VIDEO FILE USING VLC MEDIA PLAYER & it’s not a tough task I guess as compared to searching & downloading any video converter from Internet.All you have to do is just follow below given steps:-

Convert Any Video File or Any Audio File without using Any Video Converter

Step.1:- Open VLC media player and go to Media> Convert/Save.
Convert any Video File

Step.2:- Click Add and select the file you wish to convert. Now click on Convert/save button to proceed.

Convert Any Video File without using any video coverter

Step.3:- Now select a format you wish to convert in by clicking on drop-down menu available next to Profile.

Convert Any Audio File without using any video converter

Step.4:- Now select a destination,where you want to save converted file and click on Start.
All done now, You have successfully learnt how to convert any video file or any audio file without using any video converter.Hope, this tutorial will help you….

Incase, If you have any type of doubt or queries related to this Article. Please Leave your valuable comments below and Stay tuned for latest tech news, tips and tricks etc.


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