“In Short: How to Create a Facebook Group Without Name ? (Invisible Group)”

Facebook provides a variety of facilities to it’s users such as Facebook Profiles, Facebook pages, Facebook Groups, and much more. As this post is about Facebook Groups, then i think you must know all about Facebook Groups. Facebook allows it’s users to create Facebook group which is the one of the viral and best way of marketing to promote brands, services etc. Facebook groups are all about building an online community where you can add your friends as members and can share your opinion as well as can know others opinion on yon various topics freely

You can share Videos, Pictures, Text and so on in a Facebook Group. You can also share your thoughts regarding everything you read inside the groups with other people. Just click on the share button, add your thoughts, and send it. This button is a powerful marketing tool. Facebook provides 3 privacy option for Facebook Groups,

  • Public  – Anyone can see the group, its members and their posts.
  • Secret – Anyone can find the group and see who’s in it. Only members can see posts.
  • Closed – Only members can find the group and see posts.

So, this was all about Facebook Groups. Now, coming on the topic that is How to Create a Facebook Group Without Name ? . You might think why creating a Facebook Group without any name?. Well there can be a number of reasons such as If you don’t want anyone to find your facebook group, than in that case you can create invisible facebook group. You can also create facebook group without name to have fun :). So, just follow given below steps to create a facebook group :-

How to Create a Facebook Group Without Name ?

#1: Log in to your Facebook Account & Create Group.

#2: Copy Invisible Codes from below textarea by pressing Ctrl + C and paste In Group Name tab on Facebook

#3: Add Some members & Choose Group Privacy

#4: At Last, Click CreateCreate Facebook Group without Name

#5: Done.

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