How to Get PUK Code for Idea, Airtel, Bsnl, Tata Docomo, Telenor etc.

PUK stands for Pin Unlock Key. It is also known as PUC which stands for personal unblocking code . PUK Code is a code which is used to prevent unauthorized persons to access and use your Sim Card and keep your personal contact and other details safe. All Mobile Networks (Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, Idea, Docomo, Reliance, Uninor, Telenor, Vodafone) as well as all regions can use method given in this post to retrieve puk code or get puk code.

Why would You Need Puk Code ? What is a PUK Code ?

Actually, PUK Code is used to unblock a locked sim card. It means, It is necessary to have default sim card password in order to put password on sim card or change sim pin . Mostly default sim card password for most of the Sim cards is 0000.If you already have password or pin on Sim card and have forgotten that. Then, You’ll get 3 chances to enter correct pin to unlock sim card. If you enter wrong pin 3 times. Then, Your sim will get blocked and you  need to have PUK Code to Unlock Sim Card. And Also, If you enter wrong PUK Code more than 10 times, Then your sim will be permanently blocked.

As you already know, to recover sim card , You need to have PUK Code . So, In this article I’ll tell you How to Get Puk Code for Idea, Bsnl, Vodafone, Airtel, Telenor etc. ?. Using given methods you’ll be able to retrieve puk code . PUK Code retrieval process is very easy and simple. So, you don’t have to worry. If you have been searching how to get puk code without calling customer service . Then some of the methods here given works for that. Just follow given methods to recover Puk Code :-

How to Get PUK Code for Vodafone Sim ?

How to Get PUK Codes for Vodafone No.

If Your Vodafone Sim is Locked and asking for PUK Code Number then,

  • Firstly, Contact Vodafone Customer Care by Dialing 111 from another Vodafone Number (You can use your Friend’s No.)
  • Select Option 5 from IVR Menu, Your call will be transferred to Vodafone Representative.
  • Ask Them to gave PUK Code for your Vodafone Sim.
  • They will then confirm your details and will give you Puk code for vodafone sim card.

How to Get PUK Codes for BSNL Sim ?

How to Get PUK Code for BSNL Sim

Bsnl users who are Searching For Bsnl sim puk code can,

  • Contact BSNL Customer Care by Dialing 1503 from other BSNL No., Press 1 for Hindi then after Press 9 to talk to BSNL Representative.
  • Ask BSNL Representative for PUK Code. He/She will confirm your details such as Name, Address, Mobile Number etc.
  • If details you gave matches their Records, They will give you PUK Code.

How to Get PUK Code for Idea Sim ?

How to Get PUK Code for Idea Sim Card

Idea Users can get Idea Puk Code by given method –

  • Contact Idea Customer Care by Calling on 198 from other Idea Number, Talk to Customer Representative.
  • Give your details to them and they will give you PUK Code for Idea .
  • Note, that PUK Code to Unlock Your Idea Sim Card.

How to Get PUK Code for Airtel Sim ?

How to Get PUK Code for Airtel Sim Card ?

If you wants to get PUK Code for Airtel Number then,

  • Contact Airtel Customer Care by Dialing 121 from any other Airtel Number.
  • Talk to Customer Representative and Confirm your details.
  • Ask for PUK Code and they will provide you PUK Code for your airtel sim.

How to Get PUK Code for Telenor Sim ?

How to Get PUK Code for Telenor Sim ?

For those who wants to get Puk Code for Telenor Sim ,

  • Contact Telenor Customer Care by Dialing 121 or 198.
  • Talk to the Customer Representative and ask for PUK Code.
  • Procide Your Name, Address,Mobile Number etc. & they will provide you PUK Code for Uninor Sim / Telenor Sim.

How to Get PUK Code for Tata Docomo Sim ?

How to Get PUK Code for Tata Docomo Sim ?

Docomo, Users can get Puk Code for Tata Docomo . Just contact,

  • Tata Docomo Customer Care by Dialing 198. Talk to Customer Representative.
  • Provide your original details
  • Ask for Puk Code. They will give you Puk Code for Tata Docomo.

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