Facebook keeps an eye on scams and community standard violations as Fake Profiles are being created on a large scale nowadays. If Something Fake information of your account or Suspected activity has caught the attention of Facebook staff or its automated systems, Your Facebook Account will be locked after a Review. Facebook Users must provide their correct name and Date of Birth in order to regain access to account. If your account is Logged in from an unknown IP unrecognizable by Facebook, to maintain your privacy and for security provisions, please verify your account.

There are various Facebook Security Checks such as Photo Verification, Date of Birth verification, Proof Submitting, etc. I’m sure you might have thought at least once “How to verify my facebook account”  and might have searched many times using keywords such as How to bypass Photo Verification on Facebook,or How to pass facebook photo ID Verification , How to Get verified on Facebook or verify facebook account but didn’t succeeded in doing so. So, Don’t worry we’ll be helping you out to Get Verified on Facebook.

Nowadays, Facebook is locking Facebook account for suspected being Fake or using Fake Profile. When someone report your Facebook account Anonymously or Knowingly and send for Facebook review, if Facebook found there report correct Facebook will lock your account. If your Facebook account is locked, when you login from that account Facebook says, “Your Account has been temporary locked”. To Secure your account from being temporary locked, you need to Verify Facebook Account quickly before being trapped in Security Checks of Facebook. Facebook Account Verification is very essential if you use facebook too much. So, in this article we are going to show you how to get verified on Facebook and to prevent your Facebook account from locking in future.

Once you get your facebook account verified, No one can lock your account by reporting it or somehow like that. It will help your account to be secured from various Security Checks by Facebook. If You didn’t get Verification Mail by Facebook on email address, then you must wait more until Facebook Sends you a mail or you can also get your facebook account verified by providing your ID Proof.Before Starting you must have a Government Identity Proof to verify facebook account and a Gmail account or any other alternative account which can be mailed.

How to Get Verified on Facebook ?

 Step 1:-

Make a Facebook Account with Name and Date Of Birth of your choice. Then, Take a Government Issued identity Proof and Change Name Date of Birth with Same Name and Date of Birth as on Proof.

Get verified on Facebook

Step 2:-

Now, You have to temporary Lock your account to submit ID Proof. To Lock your Facebook account, Comment ‘ http://34255353309 ‘ this code on your Current Profile Picture of that Account. You will notice that you are unable to comment this code on your Profile Picture and Your Account has been Locked. Don’t worry if your account get’s locked. It is essential step to get verified on Facebook or to verify facebook account .

verify facebook account

Step 3:

Now try to login on to your Locked Account and you can will various methods to unlock your account. Skip those Security Checks and [Click Here]. Then You will see ADD FILES option. Add Picture of Your ID Proof containg same details as of your Facebook Account and Click Send to verify facebook account .

verify facebook account

Step 4:-

Then, Open your Email account mostly Gmail account from which you had made Facebook Account. You will see a Confirmation Mail or Facebook Verification Code to get verified on facebook. In Reply of to that mail, Send them an attachment of that ID Proof again with some message like ‘Sir this is my real government issued Govt. ID proof kindly accept it’ or somewhat similar like this to get verified on facebook

verify your facebook account

Step 5:-

Now Have Patience and open your Locked Facebook Account after 10 to 12 Hours (time can vary depending upon your ID Proof). If your government ID Proof is accepted, Facebook will ask for Date Of Birth, Fill Date of Birth as per your ID Proof and you will have a notification from Facebook that you have confirmed your identityand soon you will get verified on facebook

verify facebook account with blue tick

Step 6:-

Now, Log-In to your Verified Account and Go to www.Facebook.com/hacked or [Click Here]. Then, Click Continue and Choose your Old Name and Date of Birth.

get facebook account verified

And Finally, Your Account get verified on facebook with your required Name and Date of Birth.This trick might not work in few cases like if your Government Identity Proof is not accepted by Facebook, You have used fake government proof, etc.

So,that’s it you have successfully learned how to get verified on facebook  . You can verify facebook account of your family and friends in future using this trick.

Incase, You have any query or doubts, do let us know below.. 🙂



  1. Hi Vaibhav,

    Very Helpful Article, I must say. Thanks a lot for sharing with us. I successfully verified my Facebook account using this. Thumbs up 🙂


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