Hey guys this is Anshul and I’m back with another trick. I guess there would have many many occasions when you might be searching ” How to extend laptop battery life ?”,” How to maximize laptop battery life ?” or for tips to extend laptop battery life. So your search is over here. As we all know, in our day to day life we face many problems with our gadgets.Here in this article, I’m particularly talking about our PC’s. We faces problems such as slow processing, hanging, virus deleting our files and one of the most critical problem faced by many of the laptop users is low battery backup.

When we purchase new laptop it’s battery backup is comparatively found to be good than few years old laptops. The reason is laptop battery’s has short life span and after that time span their battery doesn’t gives desired results. It’s very embarrassing problem.

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So, to get good battery backup or extend laptop battery life, we uses various Power Saving softwares and tools.But in reality they do not work. So there are Tips to extend laptop battery life prescribed by tech gurus and enthusiasts to extend laptop battery life and you must know these tips other than these tips, we also have a trick for you but before trying out that trick do read these tips :-

Tips to Extend Laptop Battery life

  • Decrease your screen brightness.
  • Don’t run those app which eats up much RAM.
  • Do not use your laptop while on charging.
  • Eject external devices when not in use.
  • Disable Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Disable Wi-Fi when not in Use.
  • Do not connect to Wi-Fi network having weak signal.
  • Sleep your laptop when not in use or shutdown it.

So,these were some tips which are very useful and might turn helpful for you to extend laptop battery life. All you have to do is just follow these tips practically and regularly and there’s no tricky thing in applying and following these tips, so you must go for them.

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And even after following these tips if you do not see desired result or increase in battery backup, then there’s no need to waste your time googling “How to extend laptop battery life” or “How to extend the life of a laptop battery” to improve battery life of your laptop. As we have a trick that Calibrates your laptop battery which will significantly result in increased battery backup. The trick is very simple and you’ll get to know how to extend laptop battery life in few minutes. Just follow given below simple steps to extend your laptop battery life :-

Trick to Extend Laptop Battery Life

Step.1:-  Click on Start button and type cmd” without quotes in search bar.

Extend laptop battery life

Step.2:- Right click on it and choose run as administrator.       [Very Imp. Step]

How to extend the life of a laptop battery

Step.2:- You will see Command prompt window ,Now run a command “powercfg -energy” by just typing it without quotes and pressing Enter button. Now just wait for a minute until it fixes battery errors and calibrates it. 

How to extend the life of a laptop battery
powercfg -energy command calibrating laptop battery

Note: This is valid for only windows 7 users for windows 8 user simply run a command “powercfg /energy”.

That’s all, By this trick and given tips You have successfully learnt ” How to extend laptop battery life ?” or ” How to extend the life of a laptop battery ?”. Try this trick in your laptops or notebooks and share your results with us.Hope this trick will help you to extend laptop battery life and please have patience and you will surely see improvement in battery backup over time.

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Incase, if you have any type of doubt or queries related to this Article. Please Leave your valuable comments below and Stay tuned for latest tech news, tips and tricks etc.Technoshouter.com


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