A Trick to Make Google Chrome Faster

Undoubtedly, Google’s  Chrome Web Browser is one the best and one of the most popular and fastest web browser available in the market to browse faster on internet. Google Chrome is being used as Primary Web Browser by Milllions of the PC Users as Well as Mobile Phone users.Google Chrome is avaialble for Windows,Mac,Android,iOS etc. Operating systems.As Android, is the property of Google, So google is shipping Google chrome as default browser in it’s New Android releases.

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Even though it is the fastest web browser,available right now in the industry. It’s often criticized as it encounter’s lags and eats up the PC’s ram,thus resulting in slowing down the PC.For everyday use it just works fine but Many users finds their browser lagging, crashing and slowing down after being used for a long session. It is just because of unwanted or unnecessary extensions,plugins and cached data which is stored in the browser.In that case everyone would like to make google chrome faster .

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So,If you are one of them who faces lagging,crashing etc. & thinking “How to Make Pages Load Faster ?” then need not to worry,as we are here for you.THere are various trick available on the web to make chrome run faster In this article I’ll be showing How you can make Google Chrome Faster ?” .Just follow below steps:-

Make Google Chrome Faster

Using Flags Settings to Make Google Chrome Faster  

Step.1 Type chrome://flags/ in the Address bar of Google Chrome to open the Flags Settings Page. Here you will see a number of things to change.So, Proceed Carefully and Don’t change any settings on your own. See pic’s for more help.

How to Make Google Chrome Faster

Step.2 Search for Number of Raster threads & set it to 4.(It’ll be easier to locate the items in flags if you perform the search using Ctrl+F in Windows and Cmd+F in Mac).This little change will increase image loading speed of Chrome and will make chrome faster.

Make chrome faster

Step.3 Search for Experimental canvas feature and Enable it. It will increase browsing speed.

Browse Faster in Chrome

Step.4 Search for Enable fast tab/window close and Enable it. It will help to open new tab quickly.

How to Make Google Chrome Faster 5

After completing all 4, above given steps, Now Press RELAUNCH NOW button which you will see at bottom left of the browser window.This will apply the settings and will re-launch the browser.

Better web browser for windowsDisabling & Removing Extensions & Plugins to Make Chrome Faster

Step.1 Type chrome://plugins/ in Address box and disable all the unnecessary plugins,which aren’t of any use as they make your Google Chrome slower.

Boost chrome browsing speed

Step.2 Type chrome://extensions/ in Address box and Remove the extensions that you don’t use and are unnecessary to you.

Make Google Chrome Run Faster

Step.3 Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and clear browsing history from beginning. This will really speed up the browser.

make my browser faster

So, these were some tweaks to make chrome faster.Hope you liked it.So how you liked this article? Do you know any other way speed up google chrome? or have any doubt or query ?.Then share with us in the below comment section. If you think this post helped you then you can show your love by sharing this article with your friends.


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