” A trick that will help you to remove shortcut virus

As we know Computer Viruses are the malicious programs that enters into our computer system and harms our documents,files, and programs.They corrupts, deletes our files, changes settings of our files and programs and so on.Trojan Horse is the most common virus found in pc’s these days. If you’re thinking What is Shortcut Virus then let me tell you that it is very disgusting virus which badly affects our files and makes them unusable. Shortcut Virus passses from one pc to another through Pen-Drives without your knowledge and is a self replicating virus.Shortcut Virus converts the documents and other files into shortcut and when you’ll click that shortcut it will replicate.Remove shortcut Virus from pc

This particular virus makes your data invisible or hidden which cannot be seen even by using Show hidden files option.Shortcut virus is generally found in form of autorun.inf file in pen-drives/hard-drives and it becomes necessary to remove autorun.inf from computer. It’s really humiliating thing for those who don’t know how to remove shortcut virus,as they just format the infected USB Device and they had to loose the data stored on that device.

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So for such helpless people who had to format their storage then there’s an advise from my side that “please don’t do this again, because it is not a solution” but if your storage does not contain anything important then you can because formatting is also a another method to remove shortcut virus.The main source of this Virus is internet, third party software’s, USB storage devices and many more such unreliable sources.In this Article, I’ll be showing various methods to remove shortcut virus from USB Drives such as pen-drive and Hard Drives without affecting any file.To learn How to Remove Shortcut Virus Permanently ?,Just follow given below steps:-

How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Pen-Drive/SD Card ?

Step.1:- First Disable Any Other Anti-Virus, Then Download & Install USB Fix For Windows(Just 2 MB).It is a safe & small Shortcut Virus Remover tool.

remove virus from computer

Step.2:-  Close All Running Programs and Connect Your All Pen-Drives/SD-Card from which you want to remove shortcut virus and choose Clean.

It will automatically start removing virus from your all usb storage devices and once the process is complete, Restart Your Computer otherwise it may not work properly.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer Hard-Drive ?

Step.1:- First Disable Your Antivirus,then Download & Install Latest SmaDav Antivirus (1MB) [Automatically Scans & Cleans Virus as soon as your connect your USB device to PC]

remove shortcut virus from laptop

Step.2:- Tick the infected computer drive and then click Scan. & When Scan is finished, Click Fix All.shortcut virus removal tool

Now your files which were infected by shortcut virus has been successfully Fixed. Hope this tutorial will help you.

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