“A trick to Unblock Yourself from Someone’s Whatsapp Account Who Blocked You .

Whatsapp ? Who doesn’t know about it. Whatsapp Messenger is one of the most popular, advanced and most used text messaging app by people worldwide . It is even considered as Best Texting or Messaging App. Initially, Whatsapp was used to send text messages but now you can send text messages as well as can share pictures,videos and even documents  with friends, family and employees.

Presently, Whatsapp Messenger is Facebook‘s property. It is used by 90% of the smartphone users according to a report. It is one of the top rated and downloaded app, reason is it’s simplicity. It’s very convenient and simple to use. Other than sharing multimedia content, It also allows users to block those people whom them want. But, sometimes Blocking someone on whatsapp in anger can have negative affects. If someone blocks you on Whatsapp, You can’t interact with them anymore.

Then this article is surely for you as In this article we’re going to show you can unblock yourself from someone’s whatsapp. So, to learn how to unblock yourself on whatsapp, Just follow given below steps :-

How to Unblock Yourself on Whatsapp/Unblock Whatsapp Account ?

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  • Open Whatsapp Messenger App
  • Press Menu Button on Your Phone or Click 3 dots on the top-right side of the App and then Click Settings.

Unblock Yourself on Whatsapp

  • In Settings, Click Account then Delete My Account. Now Go To Settings>Apps> Whatsapp and Clear Cache, then after uninstall Whatsapp From Your Phone.

Unblock yourself from someone's whatsapp

  • Now Restart Your Phone and Re-install Whatsapp. Create Your Account Again. Now you can message that person who blocked you on Whatsapp.

That’s it You have successfully learnt “How to Unblock Yourself from Someone’s Whatsapp Account who blocked you “. Hope it will help you. In case if you’re facing any problem or have any query or doubt. Please let us know below in the comments section. 


  1. It is not working .it won’t work also because the person blocked the phone no and if we reinstall whatsapp we will be using the same phone number .


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