“A trick to unlock/recover/remove memory card password”

Memory Card is one of the most useful and important innovation for our generation. Memory Card is also known as SD Card or Micro SD Card, is a small card which is used to store our digital media such as Pictures,Music,Videos,important Documents and so on.It is lifeline for the smartphones which do not have much internal storage. It is portable and used at many places in many devices such as Smartphones,Digital Camera, Audio System for displaying presentations etc.

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As i told above that Memory card can contain someone’s important data such as documents, personal pictures or videos. So, to maintain privacy people secure their data by setting up a micro sd card password to protect data from others.But it can also create problem when you forgets the password.Forgetting SD Card password or memory card password is a common problem for all. You cannot access your your files stored in memory card without memory card password.You need to unlock SD Card to access the data. So, Did you forgot your Memory Card Password or sd card password?

Remove Memory Card PasswordThen Don’t worry as In this article, I’ll be showing various methods to unlock, recover and remove memory card password or SD Card passwordThere are many SD Card unlocker software available online which claims to remove Memory Card password but most of them do not works and some works for which you had to pay in order to remove sd card password. But at the end of this article, You’ll be able to remove memory card password or sd card password and will be able to remove password from SD Card. To learn How to unlock sd card ?, Just follow given below steps :-

How to Remove Memory Card Password ?

First Method :- For Android Users

  • First of All Go to File Manager or Download ES File Explorer File Manager from the playstore by clicking on the given link and launch it.
  • Then Go To System Folder and look for a file named as mmcstore.
  • Then Send that file to PC or your laptop through bluetooth or data cable or by any other way.
  • Open that file in notepad or Wordpad on PC.
  • Then after, You’ll see SD Card Password in Notepad. Use that Password to Unlock SD Card.

Second Method

  • Insert the locked sd card in your phone and connect it to PC.
  • Then, Right Click on the Memory card Drive and Choose Format and Format your SD Card.
  • That’s it You have successfully removed password from your SD Card/Memory Card.

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So, These were the two methods to unlock sd card or remove micro sd card password. Both the above methods are very easy and effective to remove sd card password. If you face any kind of difficulty in first one then try second method.

So how you liked this article? Do you know any other way to remove the password from memory card? or have any doubt or query ?.Then share with us in the below comment section. If you think this post helped you then you can show your love by sharing this article with your friends.


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