“A Trick to Use Pendrive as Ram or Virtual Memory

Random Access Memory or commonly called RAM, refers to main memory of our devices which takes control of every process.If you’re thinking What Does Random Access Memory Do ? then It is the temporary memory in which the Operating System, application programs and data in current use are kept so that they can be made easily available to device’s processor. Our PC’s and Mobile’s speed depends on RAM and Processors, More our device has ram,more the processing speed.

Sometimes, when you run so many programs together, you may facebook Computer Not Responding issue. It is because your Computer’s RAM or Virtual Memory, paging and cache memory is less than required by the programs to run smoothly. You can then get a new high capacity ram and your PC will be working fine. What if you can not afford high capacity ram ?. In that case if you have spare pen drive then you can use pendrive as ram. Now you might be thinking How can we use Pendrive as virtual memory or ram?. Then this article is for you.

When Should You Use Pendrive as Ram ?

  • While Play PC Games, as PC Games requires more RAM.
  • While Using Video Editing Software.
  • If you’re facing slow performance.

In this article, I’ll be showing you how you can use pendrive as ram on PC ?.You don’t have to download any software to use pendrive as ram. We’ll be using ReadyBoost which comes pre-installed in windows. Just follow below steps to use pendrive as ram . :-

How to Use Pendrive as Ram on Windows PC ?

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  • Plug-in your Pendrive in your Computer, then Right Click on pendrive icon and Select Properties.

Use Pendrive as Ram on Windows 7

  • Now, a New Window will be opened showing you your pendrive properties. Click the ReadyBoost tab, then select Use this device option and select Maximum RAM Value.

How to Use pendrive as ram on windows pc

  • Now, Restart your Computer and Your pendrive will work as Virtual Memory or Random Access Memory.

So, that’s it You have Successfully learn How to Use Pendrive as RAM on Windows PC ?. Hope you liked it. In case if you’re facing any problem or have any query or doubt. Let us Know below in Comments section.


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