Want to Set whatsapp profile picture without cropping or Whatsapp dp without cropping ? ? Then you’re absolutely at right place. We’re back after a long time with a full series of exciting tricks. Nowadays, It’s very common to see whatsapp installed in almost every smartphone as it is very popular messaging app. One gets a bunch of services such as one can send text messages instantly, can share pictures or videos through whatsapp, even one can make call over whatsapp. Earlier, it used to be a paid app after 1 year of service but recently whatsapp have been made free for lifetime.

You can set your own or desired picture as profile picture in your whatsapp. But whenever you upload a picture to change or set a picture as your whatsapp profile picture, It will ask you to crop the picture as whatsapp profile picture size is fixed and that is of square. Sometimes it’s so annoying especially when you want to set a picture taken with your friend as profile picture but unwillingly you have to crop it and in that case only cropped part is set as profile picture. So we need to set whatsapp profile picture without cropping it. Whether you have iphone or Android, it doesn’t matter. You can set whatsapp profile picture without cropping on iphone as well as android.

You can only set a square shape picture as your whatsapp profile picture.But you need not to worry,as we are always here for you. Here, we are showing you How to put a picture on whatsapp without cropping or to Set whatsapp profile picture without cropping. To set a full size profile picture without cropping it you need to follow steps given in this guide :-


Step 1 :-

You need to download a simple app called SquareDroid (2mb) from Playstore.

Set Whatsapp Profile Picture without cropping


Step 2:-

After downloading SquareDroid app, launch it. You will then see 4 options, from which you have to select 1st one “Pick a Photo”. After clicking that, choose your pic to set as whatsapp profile without cropping.

Use Whatsapp Profile picture without cropping

Step 3:-

After choosing the picture, you will see that pic has been reshaped and now it is in Square space, which means you can set or change whatsapp profile picture without cropping. After that you need to save the picture, to save the pic click floppy disk-type icon on top right side of the screen.

Upload Whatsapp Profile Picture without cropping

Step 4:-

When you will click that icon, a popup will appear which will prompt you to choose format of the pic. I’ll suggest you to choose png for better quality and click OK and your square pic will be saved which you can use to set as whatsapp profile picture.


Step 5:-

After saving the picture, open gallery and you’ll see that pic is now in square shape now simply set it as whatsapp dp.

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That’s all we had for you in this post. Hope it will help you to set whatsapp profile picture without cropping. If you have any kind of query or facing any problem, Please Let us know below …. 🙂


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