We all are pretty much aware about Facebook, world’s most used social networking site. With the passage of time Facebook has become advanced and is adding new features to Facebook every day but there is no way to find out who specifically views your Facebook profile and how many times that person views it. But after reading this article you’ll be able to Track Facebook Profile Visitor of your account .

This article is all about facebook visitors tracking. Facebook Profile Visitor means one who visits your facebook account or timeline and sees your status, pictures and various posts. As we know if there are advantages of using Facebook then there are disadvantages too.These days unknown people visits your profiles and if privacy settings are not set properly then there are chances of misuse of pictures and personal data. So for that Facebook visitors tracking might help you.

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To check profile visitor, Unauthorized facebook visitor tracker app or facebook profile visitors tracker from many unreliable sources are being used by people these days which can be result in data theft.Facebook visitor tracker app or facebook profile visitor tracker is commonly used to know or track people who visits your facebook profile. So, for this people have to download and install Facebook visitor tracker app. But In this Article, We’re going to show you how to track facebook profile visitor? in a very simple way and you wouldn’t have to download app such as Facebook profile visitor tracker  or facebook app that tracks visitors and you’ll be able to easily track who views your profile. This trick will help me to know about various people who visits my profile. All you have to do is just follow given below easy steps:-

Track Facebook Profile Visitor

Step 1.

First of All Visit Facebook.com and Login to your account.

Step 2.

Then Go to your Timeline and press CTRL+U or you can Rightclick–>View Page source.

Facebook Visitor Tracking

Step 3.

Then press CTRL+F to open search box and search for {“list”:  , You’ll see some kind of ID’s just next to {“list”: or in next line starting with 1000.                   [Zoom image to see in detail]
track facebook profile visitor

Step 4.

The one which is just next to {“list”: is the Facebook id of User who visited your profile most. Id’s will be arranged in Descending order which means one who visited your profile most will be just after  {“list”: and then so on.

Step 5.

Now you have the Facebook ID of the user who visited your facebook profile. To know whose id is that, First copy that ID from the source code and open a new tab and then paste it after facebook.com

Facebook visitor tracking appStep 6.

Suppose, I copied someone’s id from source code and id is 100007773827881, Now i wants to know whose id is this? So, i will enter www.facebook.com/100007773827881 in the address bar of the browser and User having id 100007773827881 will be displayed.

So, that’s all we had for you, Hope you are now able to track facebook profile visitor.

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