“In Short: List of Funny, Strange and weird websites to refresh up your mind”

We all knows, Internet is amazing place for exploring new things. We encounter so many amazing and weird things while surfing internet. These things can put end to stress and can result in relaxation of mind. There are a number of funny, weird and strange websites on the internet which can turn out your mood. According to a study, Watching funny cartoons can cut your stress up to a great extent and surely refreshes your mind.

So, Just to bring some excitement and refresh my readers, I have compiled List of Weirdest Websites . If you are having hard time knowing the meaning of Weird , It means “Ajeeb” in Hindi, “Supernatural” & “Strange” are synonym of Weird. First of all, Let me tell you, that this post is not for you if you don’t have time. So, to put end to your stress and refresh your mind, Here’s list of Funny and Weird websites :-

Top 10 Must Visit Funny, Interesting & Weird Websites list

#1. Cleverbot.com

list of weird websites
One of My Chat with Cleverbot

Cleverbot.com is my personal favourite. It is one of the best site to refresh up your mind. You can talk with the Cleverbot application. You’ll be amazed by the answers of the Cleverbot application. You can chat with the application for hours and it will reply you instantly. You can chat with Cleverbot by visiting Cleverbot.com

#2. Zoomquilt.org

Zoomquilt is another amazing and interesting site. You’ll see an image and it does what it say, It will keep zooming and you can’t guess it’s zooming power. It will keep uncovering new images by zooming a single image. I would say it’s really cool. Checkout yourself by visiting Zoomquilt.org . You can also download its app from playstore and can set as wallpaper.

#3. SnapBubbles.com

Have you ever received a gift that came with bubble wrap and it was better than the gift itself?. I used to pop those bubbles in my childhood. But, Now you can snap those bubbles all day long! Enjoy, as you pop virtual bubbles. Snap Away!
Seriously I popped over 30 bubbles, I mean the virtual ones in that Bubble wrap simulator. Pop some yourself as well by visiting SnapBubbles.com.

#4. Press The Space Bar 

Press The spacebar is just amazing game. How many times can you press the spacebar in 5 seconds, 10 seconds or even 15 seconds? Don’t know? Then this game is just for you. My 5 seconds record was 59. Tryout yourself by visiting Press the Space bar .

#5. OMFGDogs

This weird gem of a omgfdogs.com features a bunch of animated dogs running so hard to win with Super-Mario style music in the background.You should check it out by visiting OMFGDogs.com

#6. Staggeringbeauty.com

Staggering Beauty has a weird snake like animated thing that follows your mouse cursor movements. If you share your mouse vigorously, you’re in for a trippy surprise. It’s really fun to wave your mouse around and see that thing move with it. Make it dance on your cursor movements. Give it a try by visiting Staggeringbeauty.com

#7. Noot.space

Noot.space is another one of the weirdest websites. This one features someone some of us might know from their childhood.Pingu, the penguin. Each time you click, Pingu noots in an incredibly annoying way. Maybe nostalgia will hit you when you open it, that is if you used to watch it in your infancy. Checkout yourself by visiting Noot.space
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Hope you wasted your time well on the weirdest websites .Remember, the internet is a lot of things, but most of all, it is a weird place.. Still, hope you enjoyed this weird list of weirdest websites.Thank you for Patronizing us.. You were reading List of Funny, Strange and weirdest websites. Visit any of the site and have fun. Though it is weirdest websites list, I’m sure it will refresh up your mind.If you like this post and it helped you, Please share on your social networks.Technoshouter.com



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