In Short :- Trick to Fix VLC is unable to open the mrl or Solve VLC is unable to open the mrl

Almost all of us are pretty much aware of Youtube. I have already shared tricks related to youtube such as How to Download Youtube Videos without Any Software ? , Fix This Video is not available in your country etc. Few of you might also be knowing that we can watch youtube videos in Vlc media player . But, Since few days I’ve been getting messages from the readers that they are unable to play youtube videos in Vlc media player. The error they were facing was “unable to open the mrl ” .

As these days, People are more interested in watching Youtube videos in VLC Media Player. So, i decided to work upon it and finally concluded several reasons behind unable to open the mrl error . I found that they are unable to watch youtube video in vlc media player because of following error or issues :-

VLC is unable to open the mrl .
VLC Your input can’t be opened .

So, If you are one of them, who have been facing this error and unable to play videos in VLC media player. Then Don’t worry as In this post, I will explain How to Fix VLC is unable to open mrl . Just follow given below steps , 🙂 –

How to Solve VLC is Unable to Open the mrl ?

Steps to solve Unable to open the mrl error –

Step 1: Open VLC media player. (Very easy step. 🙂 )

Step 2: Open This link. You’ll see some coding, Just Press Ctrl+A.

Step 3: Now, Copy this whole code and paste in notepad file. Save in desktop with name youtube.luac (Must remember the .luac extension)

Unable to Open the Mrl fixFix unable to open the mrl

Step 4: Open this path in your computer: “C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist”. Here you will see a file named youtube.luac. (It may be youtube.lua)youtube-luac-location

Step 5: Replace old youtube.luac with new youtube.luac which we already saved in desktop. Copy youtube.luac from desktop and paste it there.


Step 6: All Done, Now you can watch youtube videos in Vlc Media Player .

Fix VLC is Unable to Open the Mrl – (Easy Understanding)

VLC is Unable to open the mrl fixed

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Final Words :-

Thank you for Patronizing us. I am sure your visit to must be quite satisfying. You were reading How to fix VLC is unable to Open the mrl ?. You can easily solve vlc is unable to open the mrl and play youtube videos in VLC Media player using given trick .In Case, if you are facing any problem, Kindly Forward your feedback and views to us by leaving a Comment below. If you like this post and it helped you, Please share on your social



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